Boston Celtics Rumors: Chris Paul for Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors Heats Up

Since the cone of silence and interminable NBA lockout has ended, the blog-o-sphere has been flooded with rumors of Danny Ainge looking to ship Rajon Rondo out of Boston for Chris Paul.  Overall it seems like a good fit for the Boston Celtics.  Chris Paul is universally regarded as the better of the two because of his ability to score in a variety of ways.  Last year Paul averaged 22 points, 6.7 rebounds and 11.5 assists per game. Rondo in comparison averaged a rather pedestrian 10.6 points, 11.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds a game. At first glance this seems like a no-brainer, as Paul is more productive offensively and therefore could take some of the scoring burden off of the big three.The drawback is Paul's balky knee and his refusal to sign a contract extension in any other place not called New York.Paul has never taken his team to a conference finals or NBA finals in his six years in the league.  Rondo, on the other hand, has been to two NBA Finals (winning one) and at least three conference finals.  That alone is cause for pause.  Rondo's big-game experience overshadows his so-called offensive deficiency and his value to any contending team.   Rondo's value goes far beyond what the stat sheet shows; if anything, the Celtics should have learned their lesson from the Kendrick Perkins trade.  Though it was a good move on his part, it signaled the end of "ubuntu" for the Celtics.  It tore at the very fabric and nature of the team; they promptly went into a tailspin.Boston should learn from the Indiana Pacers. When they traded Mark Jackson in 1996 for Jalen Rose, the team lost its edge, and the Pacers were forced to reacquire Jackson the following year.There is also the perception that Rondo has become increasingly difficult to deal with due to his quirky personality.  I don't seem to recall anyone devaluing Kobe Bryant or Micheal Jordan for their difficult personalities.  In fact, mercurial star players who have been to the mountaintop of the NBA are often lauded because it is viewed as part of a champions makeup. David Aldridge of wrote:The Hornets are going into this with eyes wide open.  They know that Paul spent much of the summer in New York at lockout meetings—and also with Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.  They know that even if he can’t get as big a salary from the Knicks as with other teams, it’s likely his representatives have all manner of endorsements at the ready in New York that would make up the difference.  They believe he’d prefer going to a team where he doesn’t have to be “the man,” and that the Knicks would be just that, with Anthony and All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire willing and able to take the spotlight and the heat that come with it.Fox Sports also stated that Paul doesn't want to be "the man" anymore.If this in fact is the way Paul really feels then the Celtics should think twice before acquiring him.  In the long run, Rajon Rondo is the better player. His overall court vision and his ability to think three, sometimes four plays ahead of the defense gives him the "it" factor over any other point guard in the NBA. And if Paul walks they would be left with Avery Bradley, who just might be included in the deal.ESPN is reporting that the talks between the Celtics, Clippers and Lakers with the New Orleans Hornets are heating up. Trader Dan is on the clock. Let's hope the Boston Celtics remember the old adage "all that glitters is not gold"; before they trade the man who is the closest thing to the reincarnation of the passing maestro Bob Cousy.